The BARC BI Survey 10 – QlikView Highlights

In October 2011, Business Application Research Center (BARC) published The BI Survey 10 – The Customer Verdict ( BARC gathered the information contained in this study via a comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users, consultants, and vendors.

The BI Survey 10 provides a detailed quantitative analysis providing insight into why and how customers selected BI tools, what they used them for, how successful they were, and why they eventually abandoned some tools. The study was based on the analysis of survey results from 2,961 respondents reporting real-world experiences. After cleansing the data and removing responses of those who were not able to answer specific questions on BI tools, 2,006 users, 256 consultants, and 403 vendors from around the world remained. No technology vendors were involved with the formulation of The BI Survey 10. It was not commissioned, suggested, sponsored, or influenced by vendors.

In The BI Survey 10, QlikView earned a top ranking in its peer group in 10 critical areas