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The next evolution of Greentree ERP software is here

ERP software is the cornerstone of any forward-thinking business and our ERP partner, Greentree, have been working tirelessly to develop their latest innovative version of their software – Greentree4. Many years ago we chose to partner with Greentree to deliver a scalable and out-of-the-box ERP solution for our clients, with the range of functionality required

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Find efficiency through integration with your ERP software

As many of us know, the whole point of going down the ERP software solution route is to gain efficiencies and compliance through one integrated solution. Occasionally however, even with a product as diverse as Greentree and its 50 something modules, there just isn’t an appropriate module to meet specific industry functionality. There are two

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Payroll and HR departments say enough is enough!

At this time of year the number of enquiries we get regarding Payroll and HR is staggering and the number of Greentree Payroll and HR brochure downloads from our website multiplies tenfold. During the third quarter of the financial year, businesses start taking stock of their current processes and planning ways to improve their businesses

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