QlikView | The Power of Simplicity

Kinetic and QlikView understand the power of simplicity. By providing software that has been developed and refined to provide the highest level of business intelligence, employees can be empowered to make the decisions that deliver immediate and long term business benefits.   

Kinetic’s QlikView Training & Support

QlikView is well known for being easy to use and quick to deploy but Kinetic can ensure organisations truly harness and exploit the power of QlikView to transform the business. With a team of highly experienced QlikView practitioners, Kinetic ensures organisations prioritise development in line with business needs and explore the deep functionality of QlikView, from data consolidation to visualisation, to reap rapid return on investment.

The key to QlikView’s success is user empowerment: it delivers real, effective self-service Business Intelligence. To ensure every business maximises the value of QlikView, Kinetic’s training is only delivered by consultants with in depth experience developing and using QlikView. With this expertise, Kinetic can show users how to maximise BI in many situations – from working offline on a laptop and retaining full functionality to demonstrating how to share results – from printing reports to saving query results as Adobe PDFs, sending results to Microsoft Excel or copying into other Microsoft Office applications. QlikView has the functionality and flexibility to work for any user in any business in any environment.

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One version of the truth, for analysis, applications, and reporting.

With QlikView, Business Intelligence delivers a single architecture to meet all data analysis requirements. By carefully controlling access rights, organisations can deploy ad-hoc analysis to power users, printable reports to remote users, dashboard metrics to executives, and analytic applications to middle managers. The entire organisation can be empowered with the quick business answers needed to manage and optimise business performance.

Kinetic’s QlikView experience covers multiple information sources; indeed QlikView can handle 90 per cent of applications in the market, unlocking data to provide one version of the truth for the business. Take a look at some preconfigured QlikView data source views working with well-known software applications: JDE, Lawson – Movex, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP.

QlikView handles different source data applications

QlikView has the answer

QlikView is about freedom not restriction. Every object in QlikView – from lists, to graphs, to tables – is clickable. All objects interact so that a selection in one affects the others. Query results are revealed instantly through intuitive colour coding; selected values are highlighted green, linked values are highlighted white, and excluded values are highlighted gray. With each click the user learns exactly what data is available, what data is excluded, and how selections affect summary metrics.

Integrate Integrate Integrate

QlikView delivers seamless integration by handling virtually all existing data formats – from standard relational data, to text exports, to Microsoft Excel data, to XML streams. Data is loaded, cleansed, and stored using a wizard driven ETL script. QlikView adapts and empowers the company’s existing environment. Whether data is stored in data warehouses or operational systems, it is always available for use in QlikView applications.

Tangible ROI and minimised costs

Thousands of organisations across the world have deployed and benefitted from QlikView applications in a matter of days. With QlikView, a fully functional prototype application can be available in a matter of hours. QlikView supports an unlimited number of dimensions and measures, and they can be added in minutes. Real Return on Investment and performance improvement can be achieved rapidly.