PROACTIS | Supplier Engagement


PROACTIS Supplier Engagement allows organisations to be more proactive in how they collaborate with suppliers to achieve best value and compliance against defined resources and priorities.

Kinetic offers a range of consulting and software solutions to help control, manage and streamline the supplier collaboration process.

PROACTIS supplier engagement solutions address all forms of supplier communication and transaction processing with a focus on reducing cost, while at the same time strengthening relationships.

As a clear win-win opportunity for both you and your suppliers, PROACTIS Supplier Engagement streamlines and automates supplier interaction from initial introductions, qualification, and on-boarding; through supplier profile and catalogue management; to daily purchase order release, and processing of invoices within Accounts Payable.

It provides a number of opportunities for rapid cost savings through quick, relatively easy automation of a number of activities. It also provides a variety of capabilities that enable you to incrementally reduce time and cost by moving suppliers through increasingly efficient communication and eCommerce methods that add up to significant savings for both you and your suppliers.

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