PROACTIS | Purchase-to-pay

purchase to payPROACTIS purchase-to-pay solutions enable you to control the entire purchasing process, from the initial request through to payment for goods received.

Employees throughout the organisation will readily embrace it as the easiest way to buy the goods and services they need while following established policies, procedures and automatically working within budget.

Purchase to pay Benefits include:   

  • Lower the cost per transaction by reducing the time spent by employees, managers and Accounts Payable personnel on just about every purchase
  • Make it easy for occasional users to buy from preferred suppliers
  • Communicate and enforce more complete policies and procedures for purchase authorisations and buying from preferred suppliers
  • Improve budget control with automated authorisation controls, escalations and management of commitments
  • Make it easy to capture all purchase requests and orders, obtaining visibility and auditability throughout the purchase lifecycle
  • Accelerate the buying process by enabling everything to happen more quickly because it uses electronic records and communications.

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Purchasing Solutions 

PROACTIS purchasing solutions support the day-to-day purchasing process in a way that ensures compliance with organisational sourcing and authorisation rules, while making it as easy as possible for all employees to buy the goods and services they need.

Invoice Receipt

PROACTIS invoice receipt and data capture solutions improve the efficiency and accuracy of handling inbound documents. This includes capturing incoming information and processing it through business workflows quickly and easily.

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Invoice Matching

PROACTIS invoice matching solutions enable customers to match invoices against individual goods receipts and contracts to significantly boost matching rates for improved process efficiency.

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Employee Expenses

PROACTIS Employee Expenses makes it as easy as possible for any employee to record and recover “out of pocket” expenses, while ensuring compliance with organisational guidelines.

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