Proactis Guide to Spend Control

Do you find it a challenge to address Spend Control within your organisation?

Being able to effectively control the spending practices of your organisation is a crucial step in the process of creating savings opportunities.

This three-part white paper series provides a practical framework for identifying, executing and monitoring performance of the activities related to Spend Control.

  1. Take a Broader View of Enterprise Spend Control |  This paper outlines a useful view of Spend Under Management that goes beyond the traditional procurement-centric use of the term to encompass an organisation-wide Spend Control process that targets maximum bottom-line results. Click here to read more >>
  2. Key Process Indicators to Guide Your Journey | This paper outline the Key Process Indicators that Procurement, Finance and other senior managers can use to monitor and improve each of the individual activities required to gain a high level of true Spend Under Management. Click here to read more >>
  3. The Business Case for eProcurement Systems | This paper identify the key elements of the business case for investment in eProcurement solutions that provide the Spend Control framework you need to increase your level of Spend Under Management. Click here to read more >>