PROACTIS | Procurement

To optimise control, professionals need the tools to effectively support the procurement processes for routine goods and services, as well as capital goods and major projects.

Most importantly, they need to streamline operations and obtain best value through effective supplier adoption, evaluation, and communication.

Kinetic will deliver the PROACTIS procurement solution that will allow you to accelerate and maximize savings in the critical areas of supplier collaboration, sourcing, catalogue management and contract management.

Benefits include:    

Optimise organisational resources to strategically negotiate and obtain best value suppliers and agreements

  • Gain control of all commercial agreements by automating and streamlining the contract management lifecycle
  • Ensure visibility into complex spend data for improved decision making
  • Enable users to start buying faster through approved suppliers and agreements
  • Improve renewals, rebates and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Automate supplier enablement and on-boarding to maximize spend under management
  • Control catalogue based purchases and complex service based commodities while ensuring compliance
  • Define, measure and enhance supplier performance through more effective supplier collaboration and management
  • Reduce administrative overhead in labour intensive tasks

Kinetic delivers PROACTIS to help executives dramatically improve the way their organisation operates.


Supplier Management

PROACTIS supplier collaboration solutions enable efficient, consistent supplier recruiting, qualification, adoption, and performance appraisal. PROACTIS also provides suppliers controlled access to maintain their own company information and catalog, and to view current account status without needing to call. PROACTIS Supplier Management enables organisations to reduce cost and build relationships for best value procurement.

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Sourcing & Tenders

PROACTIS sourcing solutions help Procurement departments to find, evaluate and engage suppliers of goods and services. Cost savings and best value are obtained by improving the effectiveness and transparency of the sourcing process, whilst reducing administrative time and effort.

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Contract Management

PROACTIS contract management solutions improve financial management by offering central management of all supplier contracts, providing clear visibility to buyers at time of purchase, automatic capture of activity, and reminders for key dates and events.

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Catalogue Management

PROACTIS catalogue management solutions allow purchasing professionals to simplify the management of catalogues and classify goods and services that their organisation purchases in a way that makes sense to the accessing organisation.

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