MYOB Greentree Workflow Software Suite

Greentree 4 Workflow

Workflow Solution

From 24 hour operations to integrated supply chains and demanding, increasingly global customers, real time decision making is becoming critical. With a live, instant snapshot of real-time key business information, from finance data to customer information, organisations can transform performance.

MYOB Greentree Workflow suite enables an organisation to build and improve mission critical practices and to rapidly respond to the internal and external business environment.

The Workflow solution has five key elements:


Workflow provides countless dynamic desktop views with information updated to all relevant desktops across the organisation instantaneously.

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Approvals & Alerts

Automate key daily processes across the organisation. Using specifically designed workflow tools a business can ensure critical transactions, documents, or records are monitored and approved through the appropriate chain of command – automatically.

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Business Process Management

Business Process Management drives exceptional business performance and increased business returns by allowing consistent delivery across the business, collaboration across departments, proactive stakeholder communication, the elimination of damaging human error and rapid response to market changes.

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Data Import Manager

Automate data file imports from non-integrated systems. The interface manager has an advanced Workflow functionality that allows users to schedule regular imports of both master files and transactions including invoices, orders, receipts and journals as well as a myriad of master record types.

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Autoscan provides electronic storage of source documentation such as accounts payable invoices, proof of deliveries, customer orders, staff resumes etc, fully crossed referenced to the relevant database record.

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For Kinetic, our solution is more than just software, it’s about collaboration. We are specialists in listening & delivering. Greentree are technology & business buffs with one obsession, building the best business software. Our clients that use Greentree are looking to work smarter & perform better.

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