MYOB Greentree Supply Chain Management & Distribution Suite

Greentree 4 Supply Chain

Supply Chain Solution

A streamlined supply chain is a fundamental component of global business. MYOB Greentree meets the demands of pressured Supply Chain Management operational environments by handling critical lead times while maintaining optimal inventory levels. From improved information visibility and decision-making, to real-time performance tracking, Greentree’s Supply Chain and Distribution suite of modules imposes greater control over every supply process, from request through to delivery.

The Supply Chain & Distribution solution has five elements:

Inventory Management 

Inventory Management provides the accurate inventory forecasts required to reduce excess inventory or out of stock situations, improving end to end supply chain performance.

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Sales & Delivery

Sales & Delivery enables quick, efficient and accurate processing of sales orders in real-time to minimise errors and improve productivity

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Tracking commitments to suppliers as they are made enables the business to accurately forecast and manage cash flow requirements and reduce the potential for disputes as supplier invoices are received.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain assures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery, is achievable.

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EDI delivers capabilities required for best in class operations including, document management and mapping, approved customer management, integration with Microsoft Office Outlook®, validation rules and alerts, customer prioritisation and back order management.

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