MYOB Greentree Service & Asset Management Software Suite

Greentree 4 Service and asset management

Service & Asset Management Solution

Excellent customer service and support and effective resource management are cornerstones of good businesses. MYOB Greentree’s Service and Asset Management related modules provide a range of complementary tools that range from intelligently addressing calls to the support/help desk, to managing field-service requests and the maintenance of assets in multiple locations.

The Service & Asset Management solution has three elements:

Asset Management

Asset Management works in conjunction with the Greentree Customer Support suite of software to provide a range of options for maximising asset value through effective management.

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Customer Service

Customer Services provides a proven methodology and highly effective approach for organisations of any size with elements such as help desk management and the ability to escalate customer support calls to field service requests.

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Contracts & Service Level Agreements

Contracts & Service Level Agreements allows specific customer support or maintenance contracts to be defined and managed. This includes the products covered, contract period and cost per contract period. Parent/Child contracts are supported for more complex organisations with either multiple contracts or multiple sites.

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