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Greentree 4 Mobility Solution

Mobility Solution

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, driven by customers demanding reduced costs and better quality of service, organisations are under ever increasing pressure to make faster decisions and improve efficiency through streamlined processes.

MYOB Greentree’s Mobile solutions improve operational control by allowing a business to stay continually connected with live information. From warehouse operations to remote or mobile sales and service staff, Greentree provides the platform for delivering a step change in performance and customer service.

The Mobility solution has three key elements:

Mobile Warehouse Operations

Reduce picking errors, improve inventory accuracy and drive down dispatch problems. Costs are reduced, productivity transformed and customer service improved.

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Mobile Sales Management

Provide sales staff with instant access to key customer information, from sales history to credit status; and enables real time, accurate processing of customer orders, improving response times and customer relationships.

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Mobile Field Service

Give your field service personnel immediate access to work order information, from the next work request to parts availability. It also enables the business to capture time and materials on the job without unnecessary travel time and paperwork, providing an opportunity for proactive staff management.

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