MYOB Greentree Information Access & Reporting Software Suite

Information Access & Reporting Solution

In a complex and changing market, organisations need rapid access to accurate, high quality, cross-business information to both support strategic planning and effective day to day operations. MYOB Greentree Reporting delivers a 360° view of information with real time updates across all fully integrated modules. Greentree’s Information Access & Reporting Suite provides a wide range of capable tools designed to support diverse reporting and analysis needs and enable businesses to make the rapid decisions required to minimise risk and exploit new opportunities.

The Information Access & Reporting solutions has five key elements:

  • 360 Degree Information

delivers a 360° view of information and with real time updates across all Greentree’s fully integrated modules, this information is as live as you can get!
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  • Webview

provides a powerful and flexible browser based information publishing engine that empowers anybody with permission to access and view the information they need from within your Greentree system.
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  • Report Designer

provides access to the current state of play in your various business divisions, such as purchase orders outstanding, sales pipeline analysis, aged debtors reports, trial balance and so the list goes on.

  • Query Tools & SQL

provides very capable options for ad-hoc enquiry or analysis.
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  • FREE

develops the financial reports that you really need, with live links to the information within Greentree. It has been designed to allow users to effortlessly use Excel to analyse and report on information easily and at the same time ensure the appropriate security is provided to protect sensitive information.
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