MYOB Greentree Human Resources & Payroll Software Suite

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Human Resources & Payroll Solution

Successful organisations recognise that their key asset and the foundation of their success is their people. A highly effective HR management system framework that runs prompt and accurate payroll, maintains detailed records of staff attributes and capabilities, as well as smartly managing the recruitment process allows a business to maintain its competitive edge. MYOB Greentree’s Human Resource suite provides the tools to deliver highly effective workforce planning, analysis and productivity whilst also managing the organisational capability.

The Human Resources solution has seven key elements:


Payroll extends its capability beyond reliable pay calculation to provide management with reports and breakdowns on payroll cost, human resource attributes and overall organisational capability.

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HR Management

HR Management provides the tools to create a human resource information system that forms the basis of an organisation’s workforce planning and analysis.

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Recruitment manages the process of attracting, assessing and recruiting the best talent available, to create and build on a strong competitive position.

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Employee Development

Employment Development automates the management process for staff reviews and maintains vital information on staff training, succession and remuneration, to assist the continual development of vital staff resources.

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Leave Planning

Leave Planning provides a measured, strategic approach to minimise the effect of leave on an organisation’s day-today operations.

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety delivers effective workplace management to reduce risks and deliver compliance.
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eHR allows remote staff and HR managers deal with routine HR requests expediently allowing management focus on the bigger picture.

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