MYOB Greentree Customer Relationship Management Software Suite

Greentree 4 CRM

CRM Solution

In a fast evolving business environment with a myriad of ways of communicating and interacting with customers, effective management of the customer relationship is essential. With a single view of every customer interaction organisations can highlight sales opportunities, minimise customer churn and underpin relevant, timely communication.

MYOB Greentree’s CRM suite provides a solution that can be easily tailored to suit most businesses, with seamless integration into the core Greentree financial and distribution modules and secure workgroup-based access to sensitive information. MYOB Greentree CRM enables organisations to define and develop productive and highly interactive business relationships.

The CRM solution has five key elements:

Contacts & Relationships

The Contacts & Relationships function provides a powerful platform for managing diverse customer and prospect relationships, improving understanding of trends in customer interaction.

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Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing function effectively manages sales  leads, prospects and customer quotes.

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Bookings Management

A flexible, easy to use and efficient solution for organisations that require coordination of events or booking of resources.

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Knowledge Base

A framework for systematically storing information, and providing flexible yet secure access control, both internally and externally to that information.


The fundraising function allows charity organisations that receive pledges and donations to capture donor information, including  what it relates to and the amount involved, as well as processing the donation and capturing a full audit trail of any changes to donations or pledges.

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