Community Housing seminar | Case study CHL

Community Housing Limited is a national and international provider of community housing.  It assists people in need with access to affordable and sustainable rental housing in which tenants pay less than 75 per cent of the market rate.

The organisation opened its doors in 1994 and has experienced tremendous growth since that time.  It now has a current asset base of $146.2 million . It has more than 2000 properties under rental management and is growing by 600 homes a year across Australia. In addressing the worst housing affordability crisis in living memory, Community Housing Ltd has become the first community housing organisation in Australia to have its own in-house Design and Construction division, and is the first to operate nationally and internationally.

Community Housing Ltd is a not-for-profit and a registered charity.  It operates like any limited company, but all financial surpluses remain in the company to be reinvested in quality affordable housing for people in need, wherever they may be.


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