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Case Study | A.S. Wilcox
(growing, packing and distributing fresh produce, with over 120 permanent staff)


CHALLENGE Find a more manageable General Ledger that suited their in-house processes and was ‘Microsoft-friendly’.

SOLUTION Greentree Financial Management Software Suite

RESULTS The implementation has already saved vast amounts of time, especially at month-end.

A.S. Wilcox & Sons Limited required new business software to assist their business growth and the management of a production base of 2,500 acres and over 120 permanent staff. The Group had been using the legacy product CBA financial system from Greentree for a number of years and was satisfied with the product, but there was a growing need for more advanced functions.

“We needed to speed up our processes and have a more manageable General Ledger that suited our in-house processes. CBA did what was required, but gradually we needed more from a system,” says Financial Accountant Eric Gillott. “A key driver for change was the need for a system with Microsoft functionality, rather than DOS-based. We needed an easier way to use system for our new and more ‘Microsoft-friendly’ users, and a system that allowed integration with Microsoft products.”

A.S. Wilcox looked at a couple of competing software products, but in the end, it was a quick and easy decision as Greentree provided superior general ledger and reporting functions they needed, and had similar functionality to CBA.

A real time saver has been the use of Greentree ‘trees’; one of Greentree’s most powerful features. A.S. Wilcox now has the ability to define an unlimited number of ‘trees’ against all master files and has used ‘trees’ to classify and summarise data within the General Ledger. They also use the ‘trees’ at report time for sorting and sub-totalling at all levels, and are able to tailor reports easily to provide end-of-month data within Excel.,

“Using trees attached to the General Ledger saves vast amounts of time, especially at the month end, as it provides a logical and multi-level view of our company,” says Eric. “In fact, month-end processing used to take one and a half days and now only takes one hour to complete. A massive saving.”

A.S. Wilcox believes Greentree, being a completely online, integrated system, has made a real impact in terms of time savings and more informed decisions. It provides a single point of data entry that updates all relevant areas instantaneously, with no ‘inter-module’ posting or updating required.

“With no more batch delays and no updates to wait for, we are more proactive and have the real information at our fingertips,” says Eric. “As financial transactions are entered into any part of Greentree, they are reflected immediately in the General Ledger. This allows us to see exactly what revenue or costs we have in the system at any one time.”

By using Greentree, A.S. Wilcox has been able to relieve historically pressurised periods and all reconciliation concerns. “Reconciling in Greentree has really softened the pressure of month-end and year-end processing,” Gillott says. “Moving to the next accounting period is a simple matter of changing the ‘current’ period. This process has helped to spread the load.”

Eric feels the new system can offer more functionality and keep pace with their growth. He concludes, “It’s early days yet, as we get to know the software. We feel that Greentree offers so much untapped potential for our business.”

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