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Case Study | United Cleaning Services
(a commercial cleaning company employing around 160 staff)


CHALLENGE United Cleaning Services needed a system that wouldn’t hold the company back. Spreadsheets-based reporting was inaccurate and taking too long. Extracting data from the system was cumbersome and there were too many manual processes.

SOLUTION To increase efficiency and visibility, United Cleaning Services migrated from another provider to a flexible Greentree system that lets the company automate processes and monitor all information online, anytime.

RESULTS The quick migration process meant that United Cleaning Services didn’t miss a beat. The system has been in place for less than a year and has already increased efficiency by 30 per cent.

United Cleaning Services upgraded from another provider to Greentree and is now seeing significant efficiency gains across the business.

United Cleaning Services had been a using another system for many years. “It did a good job and was very stable, but there were always things that were inadequate,” says financial controller Mahesh Lala.

The lack of flexibility with reporting was a pain-point, he says, as was extracting data from the system. The financial team used spreadsheets for some reporting. Calculating the cost of consumables that clients needed to be invoiced for – such as toilet paper, rubbish bags and bin liners – was a manual process. Operations managers would be handling multiple pieces of paper when trying to calculate the cost, says Mahesh.

“Also, the lack of ability to run job costing reports in the future or prior period was always a problem,” Mahesh says. “Job costing is an essential part of our reporting.”

To break out of its limitations, United Cleaning Services decided to upgrade to a Greentree solution.

The ease of migration was fantastic, Mahesh says. After careful planning, scoping and testing, the Greentree system was up in days. “Thanks to the migration tools and Excel integration, the actual setup and migration of data to the live environment took only two days,” he says.

After successfully migrating one branch to Greentree, United Cleaning also moved another branch onto the system. “That was also a seamless process,” he says. “I would definitely recommend upgrading to Greentree.”

The Greentree system has been in place for less than a year and has already increased efficiency by 30per cent, says Mahesh. Time to produce month-end reports has been cut drastically.

“We are not mucking around with Excel spreadsheets and Access reports anymore – Greentree does all the reporting for us,” says Mahesh. This has freed up time for the financial team, enabling them to spend more time on analysing reports and further enhancing the business.

Another benefit is the ability to run job-cost reports for any period and also provide job costing on cleaning material used per site, Mahesh says. “All entries are live and online, so we can monitor detailed information at any stage during the month.”

United Cleaning is now looking to roll out further Greentree modules, for example Asset Management, to help keep track of maintenance of the cleaning equipment, and also automate job sheets and invoicing for its casual cleaning crew.

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