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CHALLENGE Gerrad Murphy had many manual processes and a disconnected maintenance scheduling and financial process. What they needed was a central focus around CRM to enable service requests to be automatically generated and populated with customer information so data wasn’t re-keyed.

SOLUTION Greentree Customer Relationship Management Software Suite

RESULTS Since maintenance scheduling was integrated with CRM and Financials, dozens of plumbers at Gerrard Murphy Plumbing are happily stemming the flow of water instead of drowning in a sea of paper.

As a general rule, many businesses generate about 80 per cent of revenues from 20 per cent of their customer base, but family-owned and operated business Murphy Plumbing has come up with a new spin on the old adage – the 40/80/60 rule. Maintenance contributes 40 per cent of sales whilst construction contributes 60 per cent; however maintenance, produces a whopping 80 per cent of the paperwork and administration.

Finance Director, Mark Murphy explains that under the old system, it was taking two weeks to get 300-400 invoices out each month.

“That job was clogging up the Accounts Receivable process, not to mention the implications for cash flow,” says Mark.

Previously, all data was manually coded to a maintenance or service request and the accounts staff needed to be “manually aware of multiple pricing for multiple customers,” says Mark. “If a customer accepted a quote it needed to be manually converted into a job, then an invoice which was the main cause of the invoicing bottleneck at month-end.”

Nowadays, maintenance and service jobs are an integrated part of CRM, which provides a single data entry point from where information flows through the relevant Greentree modules – no need to re-key data, and Greentree’s Price Book automatically pulls in pricing. Maintenance is now an entirely proactive process where plumbers can enter all the information about a customer along with Scheduled Asset Maintenance, special requirements using Alert text, dates and times, and basically, forget about it. A quote can be automatically converted into a job, then an invoice.

With full, editable and accurate information automatically populating relevant forms, quality & control are inherent parts of the maintenance process. Four manual tasks for each job have now been automated. CRM has further enhanced customer communications by enabling Murphy Plumbing to add notes to customer records which can be emailed via MS Outlook and shared across both the Residential and Commercial areas of the business. This means that everyone has access to the same information, which reduces errors, saves time and eliminates duplication of effort.

With the budgeting available in Greentree Financials, management now knows how the business performed in the past, but most importantly, Mark says “we can now rely on our forecasting”. Management has the information to help guide strategic planning and decision-making.

High visibility of business data enabled him to undertake a task he had little time for previously: managing the possibilities. As far as Mark is concerned, Greentree will provide a sound and scalable platform for growth well into the future.

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