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(community housing organisations, managing almost 3,000 properties)

The Community Housing sector by its very nature is subject to change and must evolve accordingly.

A major catalyst is the key government initiatives that are centred on the government’s efficiency agenda. This drive for efficiency and improved electronic information is subjecting finance and IT professionals within the sector, to increasing pressure. There has never been a greater need to provide solutions that can respond to change and still deliver cost-effective tenant service.

Compass Housing manages almost 3,000 properties and is a registered level 1 provider. When they merged with Costal Housing, an underlying problem became much clearer – their software systems were disparate and the re-keying of data had become critical, causing frustrations and unproductive work methods.

One of the many problems Compass had identified was the inability to produce timely reports. Another key focus was cost and process management improvements. Critical affected areas included property maintenance (planned and responsive), tenant care, rent accounting, new build projects and eventual asset capitalisation. Also functional areas of the business such as  HR/Payroll  (including  self  service  HR  for  OHS)  needed  automated processes to stop things being forgotten.

Lots of  different  data  telling  different  stories  is  inhibiting  for  any  organisation  and  the disparate legacy systems at Compass served to create never ending clouds of confusion. Compass also had specific time consuming tasks that would benefit from automating, such as importing and allocating Centrelink and PostBillPay transactions.

Concerns grew within the company that one ‘off the shelf’ system would not be able to do all that they wanted.

“We’d got to a point where we needed a solution that could work wonders,” says CEO Greg Budworth.

“We knew we were asking a lot but Kinetic had heaps of Community Housing experience and came to the rescue by recommending Greentree as the core system. But the cherry ontop was the Community Housing module that Kinetic had developed.”

The Solution

Greentree is a proven enterprise solution currently being used by thousands of Australians. Kinetic went one step further and customised the solution to meet the exact requirements of the Community Housing sector. In practice this means, for example, if the format of the OCH report changes or a Centrelink receipt upload format changes, then these are included as part of the maintenance package.

“Kinetic worked closely with us to deliver a complete solution for Compass, always allowing us to find one version of the truth,” says Greg. “Their commitment and knowledge of the Community Housing sector was crucial.”

Greentree’s ability to handle vital information about tenants, properties, maintenance on the properties, and rent accounting was crucial. However, the ability to cost new builds and compare these to detailed budgets as well as hold all documentation, invoices, quotes, as attachments relating to each project was also critical so all information could be found held against the project. Additionally, it was important to provide strong financial ledgers, payroll, a HR solution and all of this from one totally integrated solution which has the same user interface and functionality throughout the system.

One particular area of the system which proved brilliant for Compass was the Greentree workflow. This enabled the automation of daily processes using specifically designed workflow tools that allowed the organisation to ensure critical transactions and events occurred. Documents or records are monitored and approved through the appropriate chain of command – automatically. Compass is able to customise, share and manage individual views and processes, effectively controlling the total information environment.

“To be equipped with this new level of data visibility is transformational for Compass,” says Greg. “We’ve gone from having a old torch to a floodlight”.

Compass now have the ability to deliver to the demands of statutory and KPI reporting. They can choose from several flexible and powerful reporting tools and can perform specific enquiries to ensure they are better informed and in a timely fashion.

“With Greentree, Kinetic have provided Compass with a solution that has enabled us to deliver better Governance and Compliance throughout the organisation,” says Greg.

Greentree’s Business Intelligence tool presents graphical and information rich key performance indicators. Business dashboards can show rent collection, arrears, vacants and voids, repairs raised/completed with timeframes and customer satisfaction levels for example. Each area of the organisation benefits from being connected to the whole and yet is empowered to give better tenant service and more informed organisational decisions.

“Compass is in a better place, with first class business support from Kinetic we are confident in the service we provide for our customers,” says Greg.


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