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Case Study | Eurotec Instruments
(imports and distributes controls and instrumentation for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning), Refrigeration and Electrical industries)


CHALLENGE The need for a complete distribution solution integrated with a core financial system on a Windows environment prompted the search for a new system to replace its 15-year-old customised system on a Unix platform.

SOLUTION Eurotec gained a modern business system, from which they hope to continue to see productivity gains.

RESULTS The implementation went like clockwork and they were issuing packing slips from day one. Greentree is now second nature to the team.

Distributing 1,500 orders to over 500 customers per month, and managing 5,000 stock items from over 50 product suppliers in Europe, USA and Australia with a team of 20, is a complex business and requires a powerful accounting and business management suite to maintain a high level of efficiency and performance.

Eurotec identified the need to move away from the restriction of its unique and heavily customised system to a more standardised product.

“Greentree is a 90 per cent business fit with the advantage of being easily customised in key areas such as import costing,” says says Managing Director Victor Yukich. “With Greentree we are able to retain all key functions but gain new and extensive functionality with no huge downtime or cultural change. The result is a smooth, efficient system for our 16 users.”

There were a number of key drivers for choosing Greentree instead of upgrading or looking for other products on the market. “In conjunction with a hardware review, we looked at which system would take us forward and support our growth,” says Victor.  “Greentree provides the latest technology available and the platform to develop our business over the next 5-10 years.”

The back order release programme in the Greentree Distribution suite has significantly improved stock management and process control at its three warehouses.

“Our inventory management is more efficient now; in fact within six months Greentree has helped to halve the number of stocktake variances we encountered previously,” says Victor. “We extensively use the strong back order facility in Greentree. It is based on our old system, but delivers new features that reduce stock discrepancies.”

Back order processing has been a major cultural change, as the team previously just printed and filed. Eurotec is also using Sales Order and Purchase Order linking for indent orders. The Greentree advanced pricing module has been a new and positive process for Eurotec. It now has one price book defining a discount matrix for the hundreds of price and discount combinations, such as by customer, customer tree, stock item, stock tree, etc. In addition, Greentree’s Import Cost module was an excellent fit to Eurotec’s requirements, as it allows additional costs such as freight, insurance or customs duty to be charged to a ‘shipment’, including items from multiple purchase orders.

Greentree has been customised for Eurotec to deliver unique functions and to allow a bespoke shipment process. One order may be supplied from different warehouses, so different packing slips per stock location are created. Packing slips, invoices, credits, statements and remittance advices are now laser printed. Items are picked, edited and finalised ready for invoicing by the warehouse personnel. Eurotec now uses a bar code scanner to track inventory items online, which gives better visibility at stock item level, improved shipment maintenance and streamlined despatch.

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