Stahmann Farms

Case Study | Stahmann Farms
(largest pecan nut grower and processor in the southern hemisphere)



CHALLENGE Stahmann Farms required a dependable and easy-to-use Quality Control system.

SOLUTION Greentree’s Inventory Management suite, using the Quality Control module as an integral element.

RESULTS The new Greentree functionality heralds in a new era in quality control and inventory management at Stahmann Farms. It has allowed the business to achieve its goal of greater visibility of inventory across multiple users. Quality Control, together with Lot Tracking is now embedded in the Inventory Management process, forcing a disciplined approach to locating, selecting and releasing product for sale or despatch.

If your business has a manufacturing, processing or growing component to it, then the significance of Quality Control can never be underestimated. The cost consequences of a product recall and the associated loss of reputation in your market could be potentially disastrous. The risk of inadvertently releasing quarantined product to customers is even greater when parts of the business process are manually undertaken and inventory is not linked directly to the Quality Control process.

This was the situation at Stahmann Farms, a specialist grower of pecan nuts with operations in Australia, where quality control for the nut-based products it produces is everything.

“Business growth, shortened customer supply time cycles and inventory management imperatives had increased our risk and amplified the need for greater visibility of inventory,” says Finance and Administration Manager John Howard.

These were key factors in the decision to implement the Greentree Quality solution. Management and staff all required a real-time system that enabled them to quickly ascertain the location and status of inventory at a glance. The low visibility of the status of stock and slow inquiry times had become a frustrating process that increased the opportunity for error and predisposed the business to even greater risk. Staff would often prefer to physically segregate, inspect and mark stock to determine its status, in association with email communication, to determine what product was clear to despatch.

John believes that Stahmann Farms has reaped 80-90 per cent of the benefits of Greentree’s quality control module integration upfront. He says inquiry times have been dramatically reduced, and management and staff now have real-time access to inventory status and availability. This has had a flow-on effect in terms of promoting better business practices. Greentree’s reporting tools have also encouraged better access to information.

“Now we can’t sell items that haven’t been cleared through our quality control system and this has ultimately reduced our business risk,” says John. Since Greentree’s Quality Control module is an integral part of Inventory Management, the business has achieved a significant milestone.

Greentree’s Inventory Management module was a more cost-effective alternative to a full Laboratory Information Management System. The existing MS Access data base system wasn’t integrated with inventory and didn’t have the same level of reporting and functionality as Greentree can provide. “We now have information at our fingertips,” says John.

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