Corporate Social Responsibility

Kinetic is truly committed to being a socially responsible organisation and employer. We endeavour to make a positive impact on the lives of our staff, clients and the wider community we operate in. Kinetic endeavour to manage our environmental impact, support staff involvement in community initiatives, ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees, and work responsibly with clients and suppliers.

Valuing Employees

Kinetic to create an atmosphere in which our employees can fully demonstrate their skills and abilities, and in which their diversity and individuality is valued. Kinetic strive to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace environment in which our employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. Kinetic supports the team both in terms of developing their business knowledge needs and helping accommodate their personal commitments. Our staff is what differentiates us from our competitors!

Environmental, Energy and Resources

Kinetic’s goals are to protect, promote and enhance our environment, while accelerating the building of a sustainable way of life. We will take a positive, solutions oriented approach that recognises our impact on the environment. We recycle all paper and toner and printer cartridges, buy Fair Trade products, and have installed lights that will automatically switch off when no one is around. We have a computers “off, not on standby” policy in place throughout the company.

Giving Something Back

Kinetic’s Social and Environmental Contribution includes donations to a range of undisclosed Not for Profit organisations. Kinetic also give ad hoc donations to our clients and staff if they are fundraising.

Kinetic’s ongoing commitment

Kinetic are constantly reviewing its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and are currently taking professional advice on developing a strategic programme plan.