Code of Practice

Kinetic strive to deliver excellence in all we do and therefore offer the following Code of Practice which we agree to meet under the following areas:

Product Development

Kinetic provide a documented mechanism by which users can submit requests for enhancements to their standard software.

In developing new functions and features we will always consider the impact on existing customers and endeavour to provide them with the opportunity to adopt a new version with as little disruption as possible.

Development will be kept in line with development guidelines from product authors and run as individual modules which run in line with the development release of standard product.

Kinetic will review all new legislation that may impact the customer’s use of the software and where appropriate, pro-actively seek to make available upgrades or new versions to address new legislative demands.

If software purchased from Kinetic is reaching the end of its life-cycle we will always seek to provide at least 24 months notice of product withdrawal. Where possible Kinetic will provide you with a viable upgrade path to a current product at a preferential commercial rate.

Quality Assurance

Each new product or version release will be rigorously tested by Kinetic before being released to its customers and must conform to the agreed specification.

Kinetic adopt “best practice” in applying testing methodology in order to deliver the highest quality standards.

Kinetic will take reasonable steps to ensure that its released software is free of any software virus.

If a client identifies any issues with the software development, Kinetic will provide a mechanism for the user to report that issue and have it logged by the software house. In all cases, we will provide our clients with a timely response to their issue regarding progress and action.

Documentation and Help

Kinetic will provide information on new release functions and features to its supported users, either electronically or in a paper-based format.

Manuals and/or on-line help to a high standard, to assist users in their use of the software will be provided by Kinetic for all applications.

All clients will be advised of significant changes in the software by way of Newsletters or information published on a web site, or via information communicated via a reseller channel.


Kinetic‘s MOMENTUM support services will make available a range of support services for its users to subscribe to.

Kinetic will ensure that its support costs for ongoing support or licence fees do not discriminate against an existing customer when compared to a customer making an initial software purchase.

Kinetic endeavour to provide the best levels of service possible to its clients and believe that IMPACT (Implementation methodology) as well as Momentum (Support methodology) which differentiates us from all our competitors.


In the unlikely event that a client has a dispute with Kinetic that might be service or product related, then we will provide the user with a clearly defined escalation process for resolution.