Kinetic Information Systems specialises in software that delivers business transformation. For over a decade, Kinetic has built an unrivalled reputation working with Australian organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Combining extensive technical expertise with broad market knowledge, Kinetic works with customers to deliver quantifiable business value by streamlining processes, reducing operational cost and improving decision making through data visualisation.

Using market leading solutions including Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Spend Control from partners Qlikview, Greentree and Proactis, Kinetic combines a proven implementation methodology with unrivalled service and support to deliver rapid and effective business change.

Partnership with Housing Information Systems for the Community Housing sector

Community Housing, Housing Information SystemsKinetic Information Systems are pleased to announce a partnership with Housing Information Systems in the delivery of their Request-a-Repair product.

Request-a-Repair has been fully integrated with Kinetic’s Housing Solution (based on Greentree ERP software), providing synchronised dual sharing of data between the applications.

Request-a-Repair is designed for people with limited maintenance knowledge to quickly identify and log repair requests over the Internet. This is ideal for tenants and non-technical staff in Community Housing organisations  who handle maintenance or service requests.

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Why thinking small isn’t such a bad thing – data visualisation

Data Visualisation, BasicsDoes big hype always turn into big impact?

We know it doesn’t – but still organisations fixate on the next big thing like it is a miracle cure to all their problems.

Ever feel like the world has lost the ability to deliver tangible results by doing the basics?

Perhaps it’s time we focused on the smaller things and we got back to basics. Let’s face it, in difficult economic times understanding our businesses is critical to our survival.

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Don’t neglect your talent, Employee Development is crucial

ERP software, employee development, HRMost of us want to feel valued and have a constructive career path, right?

If we don’t, we leave our employer and look for a more progressive organisation that can help shape the direction of our careers, by working with us to achieve our goals and reach our potential.

We all need to feel valued.

Two weeks ago I visited an organisation that, for a number of reasons, had ignored employee development. The CEO had told me that he had seen it as something he will get round to and at the time it was just additional bureaucracy.

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