Kinetic Information Systems specialises in software that delivers business transformation. For over a decade, Kinetic has built an unrivalled reputation working with Australian organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Combining extensive technical expertise with broad market knowledge, Kinetic works with customers to deliver quantifiable business value by streamlining processes, reducing operational cost and improving decision making through data visualisation.

Using market leading solutions including Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Spend Control from partners Qlikview, Greentree and Proactis, Kinetic combines a proven implementation methodology with unrivalled service and support to deliver rapid and effective business change.

Survival Requires Cash – Top Tips for Collecting Payment

Bill Past Due NoticeCash is the lifeblood of any business. As the Australian business climate has toughened, ensuring that your business gets paid is vital, since I believe we may have more tough times yet to come.

Getting cash during difficult times can be a challenge when your debtors start to slow down on the length of time they take to pay your business for the services or goods they buy from it. Less profitable businesses often act to preserve cash flow and unfortunately it can become survival of the fittest.

Ensuring your customers pay on time and keep cash flowing into your business comes down to having efficient and effective credit control procedures in place to protect your business. It also shows your customers that you are on the ball in the fight against late payment. Read more

Preventing Corporate Fraud: Common Causes and How to Prevent It.

White collar crimeFraud costs Australian companies millions of dollars each year and typically increases when business climates get tough. When wages remain static and the cost of living rises, fraud can be anything from fiddling an expense claim to major organised crime.

Fraud, no matter how small or large, is a problem for public, private and not-for-profit sectors, with both staff and managers represented in those caught (or not) defrauding the organisations they work for.

In working with a number of companies in recent times, it’s an issue of concern for directors and boards, however, closing the loopholes that enable fraud is not rocket science. It’s an opportunity to put processes in place to tackle the main offenders head on and stop loss from occurring. Read more

Improve your cash flow and profits with proper inventory control using ERP software

Businessman checking inventory in stock room on tabletThis article is the first in the five-part series, Solutions for Tough Times from Managing Director, Scott Graham.

Lately I have been working with a number of companies that, in the current climate, have been looking to improve cash flow and improve profits. Times are tough!

Now clearly there are hundreds of improvements organisations across Australia can make to help increase their profits and reduce their need for high working capital.

Inventory, however, is a classic easy win, so blow the dust off your slow moving inventory and turn it into cash. Read more